Open Day 2014 ark

Open Day 2014

A great Open Day thank you to all who turned up.


Other Animals

Samantha, Max and Paddy Fox 

Sammy is probably one of the most inquistive and curious foxes, you will ever see. She came to Ark when she was only a few days old, after being hit by a car, causing her to be blind temporarily, and had to be handreared, as a consequence,she cannot be released into the wild, but is more than happy in her enclosure. She has a very naughty personality, such as swiping equipment  we take in to clean her enclosure out with, as soon as your back is turned. 

Sammy was soon joined by brother and sister duo Max and Paddy. Paddy being the vixen that can be seen playing with Sammy in the enclosure. Max is the large dog fox, that tends to only come out at night, but can be seen keeping a watchful eye from the den. We also have a webcam that films the den and is connected to the television in the centre - simply ask someone and they'll be more than happy to show you.  



The lambs   

This is Millie (White) and Poppy (black) and are residents at Ark on the edge.

Millie came into the centre when she was less than 24 hours old after being found in the middle of nowhere with no mum in sight. Consequently she was raised here, and is very used to people, and will come running when you call her name. Her favourite treat is a polo, and spends her  days playing with Poppy in the paddock.

Poppy was brought into the centre when she was about a week old, yet again she was found in the middle of nowhere, with her mum nowhere in sight, so she lives her, although she is not as forthcoming as Millie, she is still very friendly and will follow Millie whenever she thinks food is involved.

This is a picture of them all grown up, even though they are still referred to as 'the lambs'.









The Goats

We currently have 5 resident goats here at Ark on the edge. They were along with 10 that were rescued from Hall Hill farm. They are all male. We have Wallace & Gromit, Tom and Jerry and Gordon.

Tom and Jerry are two tiny white pygmy goats who team up with Gordon (with the ears!) against Wallace and Gromit. They have a huge outside enclosure and connecting field to roam around in, but tend to content themselves with straying just outside the door. They also have a large connecting indoor enclosure, in which they sleep, or can hide if they just don't feel like going out.         Tom and Jerry

Gorgeous Gordon!


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