Open Day 2014 ark

Open Day 2014

A great Open Day thank you to all who turned up.



The horses on these pages have found their forever homes at Ark on the Edge.


CJ & Chelsea

CJ and Chelsea are 2 large skewbald horses. Chelsea orginially came to Ark on the Edge because she was being abused by her owners. She even has a tracheotomy in her neck, because of an infection that was never treated. Within a few months of arriving, Chelsea gave birth to a surprise foal! Whom was named CJ, he has grown into a gentle giant, who doesn't realise he is so big! He even has his own specially steamed hay, to keep his allergies under control.   They are extremely close and can be seen in the field to the left of the track. Considering Chelsea was only given 2 years to live when she first came here, it shows her strength of character that she is still going strong almost 17 years later! They also love greeting visitors - as long as you're carrying polos or carrots!


 Magic the donkey

Although, not technically a horse, Magic is the only donkey here at Ark, and orginally came here as a cruelty case. He has a funny personality and can be sneaky, such as running out of the stable to go outside when you're cleaning them out. He will come and greet you and gladly take a polo from you. Although he doesn't like to have his head or ears touched, but can you blame him - everyone must have wanted to play with his ears. You can tell Magic's around when you hear the noise he makes!


Toyya, Tinky and Dotty

We also have 3 black shetland ponies - Toyya, Dotty and Tinky. They all have their reasons for coming to Ark and decided to stay. Toyya and Dotty both have laminitis which basically affects their hooves and their ability to walk. They only come out into the paddock when the weather is nice. Toyya and Dotty have their own special stable which is lined with soft bedding espicially for their hooves.  Tinky lives with Magic in a different stable. They also get on with Millie and Poppy - the 2 sheep that share their outside paddock.

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