Open Day 2014 ark

Open Day 2014

A great Open Day thank you to all who turned up.



Supporting ARK on the Edge could not be simpler by clicking the button below you can donate easily and help us to help all the animals we care for.


Making a Donation

If you wish to make a donation or organise your own fundraiser your contribution would be most appreciated.  Registered Charity No: 1116552

Making your donation go that little bit further. 
Gift Aid donation to Ark on the Edge 
Gift Aid is one of the simplest and most effective ways of giving to charity. Using Gift Aid means that for every pound you give,  Ark on the Edge will receive an extra 28p from the Inland Revenue. This means that a £10 Gift Aid donation is worth £12.80 to Ark on the Edge - this makes a massive difference to Ark on the Edge, and it does not cost you a thing. 

On top of this, higher rate taxpayers are eligible to reclaim as much as £23 from the taxman for every £100 donated to Ark on the Edge, by including details of their Gift Aid donations on their Self Assessment Form. (For details of how this is calculated, see the section Gift Aid - How does it work below). 

Gift Aid - How does it work? 
Gift Aid is surprisingly easy to use. Gift Aid can apply to donations of any amount, large or small, by cash, cheque, postal order, direct debit, standing order, or even in a foreign currency (including the Euro). 

If you are a UK taxpayer, all you have to do is complete a Gift Aid Declaration. What's more - one single Gift Aid Declaration can apply to all past donations you have made (since April 2000) and to all future donations you make. 

As a higher rate taxpayer looking to reclaim tax from your donation, all you have to do is remember to include details of your charitable gifts on your Tax Form. Also, from April 2003, higher rate taxpayers are able to reclaim tax relief from donations paid to charity both during the previous tax year and during the current tax year, that means the relief is paid that much quicker. 

Gift Aid - Do I Qualify? 
Providing you pay as much tax (income/pension and/or capital gains) as the charities will be entitled to reclaim on your donations in the same financial year, you are entitled to use Gift Aid. For example, if you wish to Gift Aid your charitable donations that total £100 in one year, you will need to have paid at least £28 into the taxman in respect of that tax year. 

So next time you give a donation to Ark on the Edge, please complete the Gift Aid Form.  

Complete the declaration and send it with your donation to: 

Ark on the Edge, Woolley Hill Farm, Woodland, Co. Durham. DL13 5RX

Further Information 
Further information on Gift Aid is available from or telephone the Helpline on 0845 3020203. 

Thank you for your donation.

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