Open Day 2014 ark

Open Day 2014

A great Open Day thank you to all who turned up.



Although Ark on the Edge doesn't have any kennelling facilities we do keep a database of dogs looking for new homes. They go from their current home straight to their new home without the need for entering kennels.

Please contact us for any information on dogs looking for a new home.

The dogs below are NOT for rehoming, they have found their forever home here.

Indie & Conan

Conan (see picture) is a male German Shepherd who came to Ark on the Edge after being neglected by his owners and was left tied up every day all day. He came to Ark and instantly settled into his new life, he likes nothing better than sunbathing outside. Although he's not a big fan of cars and strangers, once he knows you, its guaranteed that you have a friend for life.

Indie is a sable german shepherd, meaning that she has long hair that makes her look like a bit of a bear! She came to Ark as a young dog through no fault of her own. She had no training at her previous home and was used to getting her own way, and still likes to push her luck some days!

Indie and Conan are great friends, although if you ever see them together, it is clear who is the boss - INDIE! If Conan has a toy that Indie wants, she will eventually pester him until he gives it to her. They also love nothing more than their runs along the nature trail, where they take great pleasure in jumping in the ponds, and then coming back and jumping on you to show you where they've been! They are two extremely loving and good natured dogs, that have really good fortune to find a forever home here.



 Indie fascinated by snow and Sammy Fox








Some guard dog! But it is hard work being beautiful all day!


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