Open Day 2014 ark

Open Day 2014

A great Open Day thank you to all who turned up.



Ark on the edge has permanent bird of prey residents, that unfortunately cannot be released back.into the wild.



We have 3 male kestrals which cannot be released because they all have problems with their left wings, and this means that they cannot hover, which in the wild would mean that they could not find any prey.

Therefore, they stay at Ark in their specially designed aviary in the gardens.

Barn Owls

We currently also have 3 male Barn Owls, which were sadly dumped on our grounds, which again means we cannot release them, even though they are completely healthy, because we do not know whether they were hand reared; which is they were, would never be able to survive in the wild. Therefore, they have their own specially designed aviary in the gardens, where they hide inside all day, but come out for food in the night, if you're very very lucky and very quiet you might just catch a glimpse of our most reclusive residents. 

Tawny Owls

Finally we have 12 permanent Tawny Owl residents and a mixture of male and female, the majority of which have been hit by cars and have permanent concussions, which means that would not survive in the wild. Some only have one eye, but that doesn't impair their health in captivity. They all live happily together, bringing food to each other.


***One of our Tawny Owls has very recently hatched some Tawny chicks, if you creep down to the garden aviaries quietly, you'll see her sitting under her little shelter, on her chicks, and if you are very lucky, you might just get a glimpse of the tiny white fluffy baby Tawney***

These chicks will be rehabilitated and released into the wild when they are old enough to leave their mother.


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