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Open Day 2014

A great Open Day thank you to all who turned up.



Animals for Adoption
Our policy in the past has been to accept donations for any animals that we rehome. Donations have been anywhere between £5 and £30 and on rare occasions have been £100 per animal.
In todays climate we are being ask to rehome more and more animals which have had less and less done to them. As a rescue centre we are struggling to keep afloat.
Below we have listed the costs incurred to us when a cat/kitten comes in for rehoming. Some costs depend on age of animal, cats are not neutered until they are 6 months old. Their second injection is 3 weeks after the first and needs to be of the same make as the one our vet uses - which is Nobivac.
When an animal comes in it is vet checked to ensure it is in good health, deflead and dewormed to avoid passing these pests onto others in the centre. Neutered if it hasnt already been done, microchipped to ensure that the animal can be traced if ever lost and either complete injections or start the whole procedure from scratch. They will leave with 4 weeks free insurance and a food starter pack to help you animal settle in quickly. Animals only leave here in completely healthy condition and only on completion of a successful house check.
Below is approx cost for a cat/kitten
Vet check and first injection around £35
Advocate flea and worm treatment around £7
Microchipping £10
Male castration around £50
Female spay around £75
Second injection £30
So costs to us for a male cat would be in the region of £132
Costs for a female cat would be in the region of £157
That's assuming that the animal has no other health issues. On top of that there is the feeding and litter costs for however long they are with us.
Based on the above you may understand why we are struggling to stay afloat. In the light of this we have had to change our strategy and are now asking for a donation of at least £55 per cat/kitten. We are sorry about this but to enable us to continue doing this rescue and rehoming work we need to be getting the money in to help other needy animals.
A donation of £55 for a cat that should, baring accidents and kittens under 6 months, need nothing done to it for a year is good value. The animal will need a yearly booster every year after the initial injections and regular defleaing and deworming.
We do keep animals here for 7 days before rehoming to ensure that if any health issues arise they will be dealt with before the animal goes to its new home.
We also keep in contact with all new owners and old owners on a regular basis so we can always be here for any help and assistance they may require.
Please note that dogs and rabbits and other small animals also require neutering and injections and the deflea and deworm process.
 We do have some other horses and even pigs and goats for adoption but no photos please do call for more information.
Please call us BEFORE you visit; just to make sure we haven't been called out to an emergency; some cats/kittens may also be in foster care and not at the centre; so if you would like to see a specific cat; please call to make sure they are with us; if not, we can point you in the right direction.

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